Flat Panel Mitered Wood Door (Plywood Center)


We offer simplicity and elegance in our Flat Panel Mitered Door with a recessed, square center made of plywood. This finished cabinet door works great in kitchens where style is based on uncomplicated but timeless designs. Our team encourages DIY work made easy, which is why we supply the cabinet doors you need to add the finishing touches to your home!

The mitered joint design gives contemporary spaces a touch of warmth and tradition, without pushing your kitchen into a different era. For these reasons, the Flat Panel Mitered Door is the perfect choice for the average homeowner who wants to upgrade their kitchen without losing its homey attributes.

This door design comes in three types of wood, so you can choose a style that will perfectly match the rest of your kitchen's color scheme and create an attractive space that you can be proud of showing off.

$77.99 - up to 18 15/16" wide by 30 15/16" high
$97.99 - over 19" wide by 31" high

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Glass Inserts @ $11.50 Per Door
Prime Item @ $12.50 Per Door