Updating Your Kitchen On A Budget

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How to Modernize Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors

It’s not uncommon to live in a home that was bought and sold a few times before it became yours. Stylistically, a lot of your home’s features may have been chosen for you— and you may not like everything that the last owners thought was so great. Similarly, as time goes on, some themes simply become outdated and can age your home in a negative way. Whatever reason you have for wanting to update your home to something more stylish and modern, the kitchen cabinets are a great place to start. Doing some cabinetry renovations can give your home a fresh new look, and can increase the value of the house if you ever decide to sell it in the future.

Paint Your Cabinets A Different Color

One of the easiest ways to help update your kitchen is by choosing a different color paint for your cabinets. A modern kitchen is one that emphasizes space and cleanliness, and new paint can be the first step to making all the difference. Black and white are the most common cabinet door colors in contemporary kitchens, and are usually contrasted by the opposite color somewhere in the rest of the design plan. Muted colors such as gray and pale shades of purple, blue, and green can also be used to add a pop of personality to avoid making your kitchen look too sterile.

Reface Your Cabinets with Different Doors

If you have cathedral arch wooden doors with a prominent grain pattern, you may find it difficult to update your kitchen with a simple coat of paint. Some combinations of cabinet door material and styles leave homeowners with no choice other than replacing them altogether if they want to move away from more classical charms. If you want to stick with wood or MDF cabinet doors, consider minimal decorations on the doors themselves. Be sure to shop around for glass, acrylic, and other non-wood options too, as many of these appear smooth and simple, and can help you achieve your theme.

Finish with a Shiny Gloss

Just as bright colors help create an illusion of space, shiny surfaces help everything look clean and sharp. Even on days where your kitchen is in need of a deep cleaning, glossy cabinets can draw your guests’ eyes away from any messes and minimize the sense of clutter in the room. The type of finish you need will depend on the materials of your cabinet doors, so be sure to read labels carefully and always follow the company’s instructions.

Switch Up Your Hardware

Much like how accessories can make or break an outfit, your hardware can either compliment or really throw off your contemporary theme. Replacing gaudy knobs and tacky handles with new cabinet door hardware can simplify your cabinets and lend them a more modern appearance. Silver is a great option for both black and white kitchen cabinet doors, and you can often choose between a matte and shiny finish.

Another factor to think about, in terms of cabinet hardware, is the type of hinge that holds your doors in place. If you are opting for visible hinges, consider making them distinctly contrasting in color from your doors. For example, matte black hinges with shiny white doors will contribute to a modern theme better than a nondescript gray. Hidden hinges are another popular option for modern kitchens, as they are not visible at all and won’t take away from the rest of your cabinets.

Consider Inset Cabinet Doors

Most cabinet doors have a certain amount of overlay, which is the space on the cabinet frame that the sides of your doors cover up. Inset doors, on the other hand, fit perfectly into the open space of your cabinets, and there isn’t any overlay. These doors are flush with the cabinets and can look strikingly smooth and modern. While inset cabinets are very popular in contemporary kitchens, measuring for their installation and actually putting them in can be a bit confusing for someone who has never worked with cabinet doors before. For this reason, you may want to call an expert for advice.