Summertime Is The Perfect Time for DIY Renovations

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The Best Time of Year To Reface Your Kitchen Is Just Getting Started

Your alarm goes off and the morning is bright and warm. Your window is half open, and the room still smells of fresh, nighttime air. The birds send songs back and forth across the treetops. It’s finally summertime!

But then you step into the kitchen and it’s staring you right in the face. A project that’s sat for too long on your to-do list: replacing your cabinet doors. All winter you thought, I should get to work on this… but it just never felt like the right time.

Good news – you were right! The perfect time for DIY home renovations is the summer season. Those long July days mean you can pull up the blinds and let the light in longer! This lets you get more done in fewer days without squinting by lamplight, trying to read your pencil marks and measurements.

With the blinds up, you can crack those windows open too. It’s always important to keep your work space well ventilated, but especially if you’re generating sawdust by drilling holes or applying fresh coats of paint or wood stain. PROTIP: Point a box fan or oscillating fan out the kitchen window to blow the bad air out. Leave a window open in another part of the house, and the cross-breeze you’ve created will keep your air fresh and breathable!

From July until Labor Day, your schedule for the summer is probably the most open it will be all year. Without established holidays, you’ve got the time to finish at your own pace, and don’t have to worry about cleaning up for company. Nobody is coming by until you’re ready for them!

All this, plus those summer evenings are the perfect time to relax outdoors after a hard day’s work. Choose a firm stopping point, and reward yourself with a cold drink out on the patio or in the yard. You’ve earned it!

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One very important thing to remember – since it’s the perfect season for it, you won’t be the only one renovating and remodeling. So save yourself the hassle of fighting the crowds and digging through piles of warped wood for the best pieces. Just order everything you need at! From the cabinet doors and drawer fronts, to hinges, hardware, and accessories, everything you need can be on your doorstep anywhere in America with the click of a button.

Remember to always be careful with your tools, stay ventilated and hydrated, and wear safety gear. It’s never been an easier time for DIY renovations, so get yours started today!