Newport Shaker RTF Door

$26.00 per sq. ft.

Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price
B Profile $0.00 Square Profile $0.00 Round Profile $0.00
Antique White $0.00 Folkstone $0.00 Frosty $0.00 London $0.00

The finished Shaker Door is a great option for those looking to create a comfortable and homey space. This door consists of a simple square frame over a flat panel, and is the prime example of how even small changes can make big differences! Installing our doors in your home is an effective way to make significant stylistic changes in your kitchen without having to dedicate an extensive budget to the project. The Shaker Door is easy to install, and can bring the loveliness of traditional craftsmanship into any home. Whether your kitchen adheres strictly to modest and simplistic design, or is a cozy area filled with personality and decorative touches, the Shaker Door can either finish the look or add some much needed contrast. Do-it-yourself work isn’t something any homeowner should fear. We deliver highly customized products at great prices, so you can make the changes you want without all the stress!

Turn around time for vinyl (RTF) doors is 10 business days plus shipping.

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Weight 3 lbs