Eyebrow MDF Door


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Product Description

This cabinet door showcases a classically raised, arched panel. The Eyebrow door has a single, subtle bowed arch that can be interpreted as either traditional or contemporary depending on the rest of your kitchen’s design, making it a versatile choice that is great for many types of home styles. At Naked Kitchen Cabinet Doors, we make installation of our medium density fiberboard a snap to complete. Likewise, we offer services such as routing holes for European hinges and sending you the hardware along with your product, preparing your Eyebrow doors with primer, or providing frames or mullion doors for a small fee. DIY kitchen projects have never been easier, and after simply measuring the cabinet space you need your door to cover and submitting your order, your Eyebrow-style doors will be on their way. Installing your professionally-made cabinet doors will help transform your kitchen into an inviting space for friends and family. Thickness: 5/8” Price: $11.95 – up to 18″ wide by 30″ high $16.95 – over 18″ wide by 30″ high