Cathedral MDF Door


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Product Description

This is a cabinet door with a single raised, arched panel in the distinctive cathedral style. Cathedral doors have a stately appeal that benefits several types of sophisticated kitchen designs. Light colored paint creates an airy elegance throughout your kitchen, whereas darker paints and marble accents nearby will contribute to a more traditional and rich atmosphere. These cabinets also compliment high ceilings and have a very classic appeal. At Naked Kitchen Cabinet Doors, our aim is to provide you with an easy and affordable way to make a big difference in your kitchen. Our Cathedral cabinet doors are expertly crafted and can be a beautiful addition to your home, but these medium density fiberboard products only cost a fraction of the price as 100% wood. For an added touch of luxury, consider requesting the hardware for glass inserts for just $6.00 per door, or having them prepared for European hinges for just $8.00 per door. We route the holes for you at the facility and send you the hardware for easy installation. Thickness: 5/8” Price: $11.95 – up to 18″ wide by 30″ high $16.95 – over 18″ wide by 30″ high