Square Raised Panel MDF Door

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Prime Item @ $12.50 Per Door
Glass Inserts @ $11.50 Per Door

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The Square Raised Panel MDF door is a cabinet door with a traditional, raised rectangular center with raised stile and rail edges. The Raised Panel style is one of the most popular types of cabinet doors available because it is attractive without being too decorative, and compliments other aspects of your kitchen without stealing the show.

Other than being a diplomatic design choice that can work in many different types of kitchens, the Raised Panel cabinet door is easy to install and can be primed, equipped with hidden hinges, or made ready for glass inserts by the Kitchen Cabinet team for small additional fees.

When paired up with glass inserts, these Raised Panel cabinet doors undergo a transformation into a much more elegant design. If surrounded by the right furniture and fixtures, your cabinets can help create an expensive-looking space without having to break the bank. With the help of Kitchen Cabinet Doors, you can have a beautiful and highly customized kitchen at a deeply discounted price.

Thickness: 5/8”

$11.54 - up to 18 15/16" wide by 30 15/16" high
$17.54 - over 19" wide by 31" high

50 Reviews

Kevin McKenna 20th Jun 2019

Very satisfied!

We have purchased about 30 doors in multiple styles to refresh the look of a bathroom vanity, laundry area and kitchen. Eyebrows, squares and shaker-bead styles were manufactured, primed and delivered in less than 10 days.

My recommendation is to have them primed by the company, but lightly sand the doors with 180/220 grit sandpaper, vacuum and tack cloth BEFORE putting on the first coat of paint.

Also, we got the self closing, hidden hinges and are thrilled with them.

All in all, I recommend this company to replace your painted cabinet doors!

Curtis Williamson 17th Jun 2019



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