Here’s The Hardware Piece That Might Be Out-Dating Your Kitchen

out-dated kitchen hardware

When you think of hinges you usually think about a piece of metal bolted with a screw that links the actual cabinet to the cabinet door. If you see that on the side of the door, your hinges are probably out dated.

At Kitchen Cabinet Doors we pride ourselves on using hardware that is above the general standard. That is why we use premium European hinges for our cabinet doors.

So what is a European hinge? European hinges are a modern form of cabinet hinge. They are not visible when the cabinet door is closed which gives it a clean look. The good thing about European hinges is that they can be used on a variety of cabinet door types so you don’t have to worry about it not fitting on a particular door. Also, these hinges are commonly used on cabinets today.

Now why should you use European hinges?

You Won’t See Them

European hinges are also known as “concealed hinges” or “invisible hinges” which makes them hidden from plain sight when the door is closed. No more bulky metal hinges with screws that could possibly collect dust, dirt, and moisture. Since these hinges are concealed you don’t have to worry about them being in plain sight which make them ideal for design.

They are Extremely Quiet

Ever open a cabinet door and hear a high pitch squeak or creak? Well you don’t have to worry about that with European hinges. They are also soft closing so no doors will be slamming shut. This comes in handy in places where those sounds may be a concern such as medical facilities. In fact, most of the hinges used in hospitals and most doctors’ offices are European hinges.

Adjustable and Easy Removal

No tools? No problem. These hinges don’t require a screwdriver to remove them from your doors. Usually European hinges can clip on and clip off which makes it much easier to install.

Since kitchen cabinet doors are such an integral part of any kitchen renovation project, our goal is to deliver the right cabinet door at the right price – right to your door – on-time and ready for easy installation.

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