new cabinet doors

Updating Your Kitchen On A Budget

How to Modernize Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors It’s not uncommon to live in a home that was bought and sold a few times before it became yours. Stylistically, a lot of your home’s features may have been chosen for you— and you may not like everything that the last owners thought was so great. Similarly, […]

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paint brushes

How To Stain Wooden Cabinets

Staining your wooden cabinet doors can help give them a more rich, enhanced appearance, and it’s a great project for homeowners who want to do the work themselves. Other than the stain itself, a paintbrush, rags, and sanding paper, there aren’t any specialty tools necessary for staining wood. 1. Choose a Stain When choosing a […]

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kitchen with wood cabinet doors

3 Reasons You Should Choose Wood Cabinet Doors For Your Kitchen

If you’re a homeowner wanting to remodel the kitchen then you know that looking at the different types of cabinet doors will be part of that process. One question you may find yourself asking is, “Should I choose wood or some other cabinet door material?” While other non-wood options may appeal to you due to […]

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spring-time kitchen color

​3 Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets for the Spring

Spring is finally here which means that many people will be participating in spring-cleaning their homes. This usually involves removing items that may be outdated with something new and refreshing to reflect the season change. Your kitchen is no exception as well. With just a new color of paint, you can change the overall look […]

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beautiful kitchen with shaker style cabinet doors

How to Choose the Best Style of Cabinet Doors for Your Kitchen

There are countless ways to make the cabinets in your home reflect a design, emphasize a theme, or express certain sentiments for all of your family and friends to enjoy. You could decide on particular colors and make them compliment each other or form stark contrast, or experiment with textures and molding to add unique […]

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two-color cabinets

How to Measure for New Cabinet Doors

Sometimes all it takes to remodel a kitchen and make a big change is switching out old cabinet doors with brand new ones. After all, it’s a relatively easy way to help pull together a theme or express your personality more clearly. When you’re about to begin the process of ordering new custom-built cabinet doors, […]

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flat panel cabinet doors

How to Get the Most out of Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Embarking on a project to swap out your cabinet doors for new ones definitely takes some effort. While the actual labor itself isn’t necessarily intensive in any way, it does take some time and it requires some patience and focus on the homeowner’s part. When many of us think about refacing our cabinets, we immediately […]

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wood vs MDF cabinet doors

MDF Or Wooden Cabinet Doors, Which Is Better

How to Choose the Material of Your Kitchen Cabinet Doors Whether you’re installing your cabinet doors for the first time or refacing existing cabinetry that has been through years of wear and tear, one of the first things you have to consider is the type of material that your cabinet doors will be made of. […]

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beautifully redecorated kitchen

Summertime Is The Perfect Time for DIY Renovations

The Best Time of Year To Reface Your Kitchen Is Just Getting Started Your alarm goes off and the morning is bright and warm. Your window is half open, and the room still smells of fresh, nighttime air. The birds send songs back and forth across the treetops. It’s finally summertime! But then you step […]

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out-dated kitchen hardware

Here’s The Hardware Piece That Might Be Out-Dating Your Kitchen

When you think of hinges you usually think about a piece of metal bolted with a screw that links the actual cabinet to the cabinet door. If you see that on the side of the door, your hinges are probably out dated. At Kitchen Cabinet Doors we pride ourselves on using hardware that is above […]

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