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MDF Or Wooden Cabinet Doors, Which Is Better

16th Nov 2014

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Updating Your Kitchen On A Budget

16th Nov 2014

How to Modernize Your Kitchen Cabinet DoorsIt's not uncommon to live in a home that was bought and sold a few times before it became yours. Stylistically, a lot of your home's features may have been … read more

How to Get the Most out of Refacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

21st Jul 2014

Embarking on a project to swap out your cabinet doors for new ones definitely takes some effort. While the actual labor itself isn't necessarily intensive in any way, it does take some time and it r … read more

How to Stain Wooden Cabinets

17th Jul 2014

Staining your wooden cabinet doors can help give them a more rich, enhanced appearance, and it's a great project for homeowners who want to do the work themselves. Other than the stain itself, … read more

How to Measure for New Cabinet Doors

17th Jul 2014

Sometimes all it takes to remodel a kitchen and make a big change is switching out old cabinet doors with brand new ones. After all, it's a relatively easy way to help pull together a theme or ex … read more