​3 Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets for the Spring

spring-time kitchen color

Spring is finally here which means that many people will be participating in spring-cleaning their homes. This usually involves removing items that may be outdated with something new and refreshing to reflect the season change. Your kitchen is no exception as well. With just a new color of paint, you can change the overall look and feel of one of the most important areas in your home. Below are 3 paint colors that you can use on your kitchen cabinets to give it a simple and cost-effective upgrade.

Light Gray

You can never go wrong with neutral colors. Neutral colors will always blend in comfortably with typically any color in your home. As neutral colors can vary from bright to dark on the color spectrum, a light gray would be the perfect tone that isn’t too extreme but can brighten up your kitchen and still give you that “spring” feeling.

Terracotta Clay

Surprisingly, this warm color was selected as Sherwin Williams official “2019 Color of the Year”. This earthy color is great for anyone who wants to have more of a pop of color that isn’t too dramatic. The Terracotta clay color can warm up any room, which makes it a wonderful paint choice for kitchen cabinets. If you happen to have wood flooring in your kitchen, using this color for your cabinets would be beautiful pairing!

Sage Green

When you think of colors associated with spring automatically pastels come into mind. Sage green is a perfect green that meets right in the middle of a bright pastel and a dark neutral color. Using sage green on your kitchen cabinets is good for adding color but soft enough to not be too overwhelming, especially if you may have a smaller kitchen.

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